Home Learning

Our Home Learning programme runs from Monday to Friday each week and consists of:

1. Nightly reading

The children reading below level 21 will bring home a guided reading book from their reading browsing box. Any student reading above level 22, will be able to either bring their guided reading book home, choose a book from their browsing box or read their own chapter book at home. We expect ALL children to read for 15 minutes each night as part of their home learning.

2. Maths

Each child has access to Study Ladder and the school intranet (maths games). It is up to you to decide how much time you'd like your child to do maths. At this level, we highly recommend children be proficient with their basic facts knowledge as these assist them when solving number problems.

3. Spelling words

We will not be sending home spelling words for your child to learn. Spelling is a part of our Literacy programme, where we teach spelling skills during our Word Study programme. Each child has a list of spelling words in their Home Book. the green highlighted words are words known by your child and yellow are the ones they need to learn. The children are choosing 5 words a week to learn at school and you might like to provide the time for them to learn them at home too.

Here is a link to some contracts that you and your child can do at home if you'd like extra home learning.

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