Spelling Lists

Essential Word Learning 
 By the end of Year 3, it is beneficial that all students are able to spell Essential List 1-4 and by the end of Year 4, Lists 1-5.

Each child has a list of spelling words in their home book. These are updated each term. the GREEN highlighted words are ones that your child knows and the YELLOW highlighted words are ones they need to learn.

These are the links to the Essential Spelling Lists.

Essential Lists 2-4

Essential Lists 5 and 6

Essential Lists 7 and 8

Essential Lists 9 and 10

Essential List 11

Here are some Home Learning Activities that your child can do to learn and master their essential words. Remember, it is always good to revisit previous words to check they have in fact been mastered. For mastery, spelling should be done accurately and with speed.

Spelling Activities for Home Learning

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